Butter Murukku / Butter Chakli Recipe

Butter Murukku / Butter Chakli Recipe is a pop diwali snack crunchy as well as it is an all-time favorite tea fourth dimension snack as well as I dear to accept this butter murukku alongside a loving cup of filter java ,the specialty of this Butter murukku is when you lot gustation it it is going to melt inward your mouth. Since it is made alongside a mixture of rice flour as well as besan flour it is also called equally Rice Murukku or Besan Murukku.

Serving Size     : half dozen people

Cooking Time : thirty mins

ii cup Rice flour
1 cup Besan / chickpea flour / Gram flour
3 Tbsp
1 Tbsp cumin seeds or sesame seeds
Salt to taste
1 cup water (1.25 loving cup around )

Cooking Method


Step 1) Into a large mixing bowl add together the rice flour therefore the besan, butter, tabular array salt as well as also add together inward the cumin seeds as well as mix it actually well

Step 2) Add H2O don’t add together likewise much of H2O straightaway live on real careful spell adding H2O as well as knead it into polish as well as trouble solid dough

Step 3) Take a proficient sum of the murukku dough as well as add together it to the murukku maker

Ste 4) Fry it inward crude over medium oestrus till it is golden as well as all the bubbles settles down.

Note: The temperature of Oil should non live on depression or real high it should live on at medium temperature if it is depression therefore the Butter chakali volition non live on crispy ,if the crude is likewise hot therefore it volition operate difficult as well as instruct browned soon.

Enjoy Crunchy Butter murukku alongside your favorite java 🙂 Happy Cooking!!!

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