French Fries

French Fries
French fries is 1 of the globe famous together with pop recipe . I am a large fan of this crispy french fries , when i was working inwards Chennai this crunchy sticks was my daily companion. Myself together with my friend Raji used to see McDonald’s really oftentimes together with got addicted to it, Fries amongst a side of Ketchup woooow !!! tastes heavenly. On my birthday luckily nosotros got a adventure to tour KFC’s kitchen together with they told us how it is made together with how to season, shop , frying temperature etc…
If nosotros follow roughly tips together with tricks nosotros volition larn crispy texture on the exterior it it stays soft together with creamy at the inside. Always Choose large together with large potatoes to larn overnice together with long sticks peculiarly the 1 amongst less starch inwards it eg Russet Potatoes are ever best for making french fries.

Serving Size              :  3 people

Preparation  Time    : xxx min

Cooking Time           : 25 mins

Difficulty: Spice Level:


Quantity Ingredients for French Fries Recipe
4 large Potatoes (3/4 kg)
1 tbsp Salt
Salt to taste
Water every bit required
Oil for frying


Cooking Method


Step 1) Peel the peel off the potatoes together with cut down off the potatoes together with rinse it inwards water. Trim off the edges to larn equal sized fries otherwise you lot tin exit them.
Then spell the potatoes vertically together with and then cutting together with then into medium sized stick. Do non cutting every bit good sparse if the stick is sparse together with then the fries volition larn really difficult on the outside

Now at nowadays later on slicing add together it to mutual depression temperature H2O to preclude from discoloring together with proceed amongst the residuum of the potatoes.

Step 2) Now the adjacent mensuration is to exit the potatoes inwards H2O for minimum 15-20 min  or you lot tin also refrigerate it overnight. This is the fundamental starting fourth dimension mensuration of making proper french fries. The soaking procedure removes the starch on the exterior of the potato, this helps to take the excess starch from the potatoes together with it  stays crispy when nosotros youngster them.


Step 3) Now later on soaking blanch the potatoes. Heat H2O inwards a bowl together with add together common salt mix it 1 time together with and then add together the potatoes,Soaking inwards hot H2O softens the potatoes therefore it remains soft at the inside. allow it soak for v – seven minutes.
Step 4) Now later on seven minutes take the potatoes shape H2O together with pat it dry out amongst kitchen  towel or newspaper towel to take the excels wet completely.


Step 5) The hugger-mugger inwards every perfect fries to is double youngster them . So for the starting fourth dimension time nosotros demand to youngster the potatoes at depression temperature 300-325 F for three – iv minutes. This fourth dimension nosotros are non looking for whatever color change. Fry it inwards pocket-sized batches, create non over crowed them , leaves infinite betwixt the potatoes together with youngster it for merely 3-4 minutes.
Take it off from the fossil oil together with hold it on a wire rack.Continue the same amongst residuum of the batches,.
Now later on frying allow it cool for 10-20 minutes.

Check the temperature of the fossil oil past times placing 1 stick it should non bubble upward high.


Step 6) Now at this indicate later on frying 1 time nosotros tin freeze it together with youngster it 1 time to a greater extent than whenever you lot want. I ever larn inwards in large quantity together with freeze the residuum therefore whenever needed nosotros tin at nowadays accept if from the freezer together with fry.
Step 7) Once the fries are cooled completely it fourth dimension to create the 2d frying. Increase the temperature to 350- 375 degrees an youngster it until they railroad train overnice golden color on the outsides.
This fourth dimension fossil oil should locomote hot plenty to shape to a greater extent than bubbles 1 time placed inwards the oil.



Now the fries are overnice together with crisp drain the excess fossil oil together with house it on a wire rack. Finally flavor it amongst common salt or you lot tin also add together whatever seasoning of your choice.Our Crispy french fries is prepare to locomote enjoyed amongst Lycopersicon esculentum Ketchup.


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