Homemade Tagalong Pound Cake Bites

Tagalong Pound Cake Bites

These Tagalong pound cake bites are super addicting! Every yr during Girl Scout cookie season, my married adult man as well as I accept a fence nearly how many boxes of Tagalongs nosotros should buy, versus how many boxes of Samoas. Samoas are totally my jam, as well as I could consume them all 24-hour interval every day, then they are my starting fourth dimension choice. My husband, though, is totally into the chocolate + peanut butter flavor combo, then he’s ever rooting for Tagalongs. The exclusively agency to win is to purchase multiple boxes of both. 🙂
These Tagalong pound cake bites definitely satisfied my husband’s cravings for peanut butter as well as chocolate (and I accept to acknowledge that I liked them too). They were super tardily to brand too! I intend they’d last perfect for a exceptional occasion, or simply a midnight snack. They volition definitely last making around other appearance inward my kitchen soon!
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