Kadalai Urundai

Kadalai Urundai/Mittai
Kadalai Urundai is made amongst peanut in addition to jaggery . It is a really salubrious snack , rich inwards poly peptide in addition to iron.



Peanut – ii cup
Jaggery – 1cup
Water – ½ cup
Ghee for greasing
§   First, inwards a heavy bottomed pan, roast the peanut inwards medium flame   amongst constant stirring. It volition scissure open. Once cooled down, rub the peanuts in addition to eliminate the peel past times blowing it away.


               §  For syrup, oestrus H2O in addition to jaggery until it dissolves. 
§  Filter it through a  strainer

§ Continue heating until the syrup is thick in addition to frothy. Keep the open fire depression when the syrup nears the consistency .
§  Test the consistency past times adding few drops to H2O in addition to you lot should live on able to shape a shiny ball out of it, that holds the shape.
§  Add peanuts to it. Mix well.
       §   After a minute, grease your hands amongst ghee in addition to carefully lead keep little 
                      mixture amongst your fingers in addition to shape it to  circular balls.                                 


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